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We are Toustone

Toustone is a global Decision Intelligence company that specialises in delivering highly tailored data solutions across multiple industries. Throughout our innovations, we founded RetainTalent as a stand-alone reporting solution targeted towards reducing staff turnover.

RetainTalent Story

Founded by Toustone, a leading global Decision Intelligence company, RetainTalent is the result of a passion for informed decision-making backed by a reliable data foundation. The Machine Learning product was born out of a recognition of the challenges that many industries face in retaining valued staff, and has quickly emerged as a tested, proven, and trusted solution.

What makes RetainTalent stand out from the rest is its unwavering focus on leveraging advanced data science methods to drive higher employee retention rates. By identifying leading indicators of employee attrition, RetainTalent empowers companies to proactively take action and keep their valuable staff on board.

RetainTalent began as an R&D project in partnership with the Australian Meat Processing Council, where it quickly proved its worth by delivering accurate predictions on individual staff turnover across multiple processing plants. Since then, RetainTalent has matured into a leading solution provider for industries across the board, all with the shared goal of improving employee retention rates through data-driven decision-making.

As companies continue to grapple with employee retention challenges by manually siphoning through multiple data sets and making delayed decisions, RetainTalent stands out as a trusted partner for employee retention.

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