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Reveal the truth behind staff turnover

RetainTalent provides early predictive insight into staff turnover, revealing the triggers of attrition within your organisation.

Leverage the latest Machine Learning and data science techniques

RetainTalent provides you with visibility to employ targeted retention strategies so you can better retain your valued staff. How it works:

  • Loads relevant data from existing systems
  • Stores data a secure single source of truth
  • Runs data through a Machine Learning model
  • Identifies who is at risk of leaving and the common ‘triggers’
  • Presents insights in visual dashboards and reports

Overview of the RetainTalent platform

Clear insight into staff turnover

Case Study: How we predict staff turnover

An essential feature of our platform is Machine Learning. In order to predict staff that are at risk of turnover, we tailor a Machine Learning model to your organisation where it is trained to learn the common patterns and triggers that lead to a staff member leaving your organisation. For example, we ran a Machine Learning model over a Meat Processing Plant experiencing high turnover during staff shortages. The prediction outcome highlighted those at risk of leaving, with leading indicators as to why:

As well as identify why other staff stayed:

In this example, pay is a major factor driving staff turnover. By addressing this trigger and increasing employee compensation, the plant can retain its valued staff and avoid the costly impact of losing them.

Model Results


Identified staff at risk


Prediction accuracy


Turnover rate

Want more?

We build tailored, automated HR Dashboards and Reports to meet the unique needs of your organisation. Our team of experts works closely with you to identify the key metrics and data sources that are most important to your HR strategy and then build a solution that supports you in making data-driven HR decisions.

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