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Is your business
struggling with
high staff turnover?

RetainTalent gives you the visibility you need to proactively manage staff turnover. With predictive insights into who is at risk of leaving and why, you can focus your resources on addressing common triggers of turnover and retaining your valued staff.

The truth about staff turnover costs in your organisation

*Below is an example of what turnover would cost a company with 1000 employees on an average annual wage of 60k*




Targeted insights that drive results

RetainTalent provides predictive oversight and individual insight into the leading indicators contributing to your staff attrition. This empowers you to:

  • Utilise predictive insight to understand the individual driving factors of staff turnover
  • Develop targeted strategies to address key driving factors of attrition such as role, manager, behavior, rostering, and salary
  • Provide managers with more lead time to intervene before losing valuable employees
  • Retain staff, improve workplace culture, and increase productivity while saving time and money

How does it work?

RetainTalent leverages a tailored Machine Learning models to determine ‘patterns’ or ‘triggers’ of staff turnover which identify whether an employee is at risk of leaving.

Overview of our RetainTalent platform

The value of retention

Using the previous example of a 30% turnover rate, what would it look like if a portion of the staff was retained?




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